TheraSauna - Far Infrared Sauna

  An infrared sauna (FIR sauna) is in a class of its own when it comes to luxury, benefits, cost and space requirements, compared to any conventional steam sauna. These saunas are also popularly called far infrared saunas. The benefits of a far infrared sauna - the standard form of infrared sauna - are numerous.

Health benefits

Detoxification: Infrared saunas remove the toxic material of the human body through sweat and urine. This improves the human metabolism.

Improved blood quality: The blood quality improves due to removal of toxins. The average oxygen level of blood improves over the long term.

Skin improvements: The skin is deep-cleansed. Dust and dirt gets removed from deeper inside your skin.

Joint pain removal: The far infrared sauna, being a dry sauna in nature, helps one to get rid of joint pain.

Soft heating effects: The soft heating effect of the FIR sauna provides you a long term benefit on your overall health, including your cardio-vascular system (heart and blood system). As a result you enjoy a longer and healthier life.

Usage advantages

Space: An infrared sauna occupies lesser space than its conventional steam counterpart.

Instant heating: Unlike the conventional steam sauna, one does not need to heat and produce steam before using far infrared saunas. The infrared rays produce instant heating.

Manageability and cost

Easy to install: The installation hazard of a conventional sauna is much higher than the ready-to-install sauna that you get if you go for a FIR sauna.

Cheaper to install and run: The ready-to-run far infrared sauna is much cheaper to install. And since the heating is instant and you can control the temperature (remember, you can produce all the heat you need even in room temperature if you want to), you save almost all the running cost with a FIR sauna that you would incur using a conventional steam sauna.


Here is a short list of reasons why you should choose TheraSauna® over the competition.

  • World-wide patented StableHeat™ technology helps create the most constant and beneficial levels of far infrared
  • TheraSauna® is the only company to use aspen hardwood, which is non-toxic and
  • Our saunas utilize solid ceramic TheraMitters™ that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications to provide the best and most beneficial levels of infrared
  • TheraSauna® exceeds the levels required for CSA certification on our complete unit (not just on particular parts
  • TheraSauna® also meets the requirements to be UL and CE certified
  • TheraSauna® emits very low levels of EMF, compared to the high levels of EMF produced by saunas using solo carbon materials and rod emitters
  • TheraSauna®'s parent company, QCA Spas, is the only American manufacturer of far infrared saunas
  •  TheraSauna®'s parent company, QCA Spas, has been in business since 1966

TheraSauna - Far Infrared Sauna - 4 Person
TheraSauna - Far Infrared Sauna - 4 Person

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