Lifestyle Plans
Helping you achieve your health related goals


We understand that it is very difficult to make important lifestyle changes on your own. 

You need support, education, and guidance on how to make these changes in the "real world" with your own schedule and your own challenges.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to achieving their health goals this is why we offer three different Lifestyle Coaching Plans with 1:1 individualized coaching sessions to meet your needs.

Assessment of Health Needs and Goals

Initial session where we will listen to what you want in regards to your health and conduct a thorough assessment of your current health lifestyle.   

Detailed Plan to Achieve your Goal(s)

We will develop for you an individualized "Lifestyle Plan" describing what you can do to achieve your health related goals and to achieve better health through lifestyle.

This plan will cover eight major lifestyle categories which are directly related to improved health. 

This includes a free assessment session and a session to go over your plan in detail. 


Lifestyle Coaching - Standard Plan

Our Standard Plan is what we recommend for everyone who is serious about making the changes they need RIGHT NOW and wants the extra help to get there. 

This plan includes three 1:1 sessions per week for 4 weeks to help provide the coaching, education, and support you need to implement your plan succesfully.


Lifestyle Coaching - Basic Plan

For those who just need a little help along the way, have a tight budget or are in the maintenance mode.

Same type of help, same services as the Standard Plan but just once per week for four weeks.


Single 1:1 Coaching Session - 30 minutes


Single 1:1 Coaching Session - 60 minutes



Please contact us for your free assessment and to see how we can help you to acheive your health related goals.