Anna's Wild Yam Cream


This happy couple tried for years to have a baby. They spent a lot of time and money trying the normal medical interventions and still couldn't get pregnant. When we met them last year we suggested that they try Anna's Wild Yam cream to see if it would help them to become pregnant. This year they came by with big smiles and a precious little baby girl. This is the third couple that we've worked with that has had this experience! The cream really works!! 
"April used the wild yam cream as we could not conceive a child.  After taking the cream for three months April ovulated and we have the most beautiful child Heaven could give. Thank you so much for being an extension of the great physician and recommending the cream."



I love Anna's Wild Yam Cream! I had been using a prescription hormone cream for hot flashes and brainlessness....but switched to Anna's Wild Yam Cream and have been very satisfied with the results! Knowing this product is ALL NATURAL is very comforting....and my skin is softer too!

I purchased a bottle for my granddaughter, who was suffering from pre-teen "roller coaster" emotions and a difference was noticed with the FIRST application! When used on a regular basis, her emotions have leveled out....and she's smiling again!

 I would recommend Anna's Wild Yam Cream to anyone having hormonal issues....young or old....it works!

Marjie - Michigan

"I have been using Anna's Wild Yam Cream for just under 3 months to help with my endometriosis. This is my first experience with it and I am very happy! I have suffered with endo for 15 years and severely in the past 8-10 yrs. I have tried everything from simply a change of diet & exercise to surgery to Lupron Depot to Birth Control pills. All had minor improvement on me but most with worse side effects than it was worth! For the past 2 months, I have had more regular cycles, less cramping, and hardly any PMS symptoms. I am not cured, but it has worked as well or better than any previous treatments without all of the bad side effects! Not to mention, in the long run, it's much cheaper. I am a believer!"


"At first I was using the cream because my older friends ( in their 50's when I was in early 40's) swore that it made them look younger.  It worked!  Then when I ran out for about 5 months I started getting hot flashes at around 45 yrs.  When I started it up again they went away and never returned, I am now 49 yrs. Also during that time that I ran out and couldn't afford more and my periods were horribly painful the first day.  The cream takes this pain AWAY!"

Kathy - Oregon

"I have used this Anna's Wild Yam Cream for several years now and cannot seem to do without it. It keeps me from having any menopausal symptoms and my hormones stay balanced. I only wish I had it 10 years ago and prevented the sudden and extreme symptoms I experienced."

Mattie ~ South Carolina