Ministry Overview

 Who We Are 

  The Creator’s Way is a family ministry operated by God through Pam, Laura, Tim, and Nalani McKinley. 

Pam and Laura have been studying and teaching health for over 15 years and have helped people all over the country. Pam and Laura have received training in the CHIP and STARTNEW programs, as well as in hydrotherapy and natural remedies. Laura has a nursing degree, training from Uchee Pines Institute, is a Licensed Medical Massage therapist and helps as a midwifery assistant.  Tim has an M.A. in Behavioral Psychology and has been a trainer and counselor for over 25 years. Nalani is our little helper and lifestyle consultant in training.

We love to teach God’s word and health message wherever He takes us and wherever the need is.

Please feel free to contact any of us with any of questions you may have. 

 We are dedicated to teaching God's methods to help people obtain and maintain the  healthiest lifestyle in order to:  


Prevent disease

Reverse diseases and illnesses naturally and inexpensively

Live a longer and healthier life (average of 8 years longer)

Have a vital and growing relationship with God

Enjoy life to its fullest 



Our Ministry Offers:


  Lifestyle Health Consulting

  Health Programs and Presentations

  Healthy Cooking Classes

  Hydrotherapy Training and Products

  Natural Remedy Training and Products


  All the major health issues of our day have been found to be lifestyle related and are baffling doctors  and placing thousands in a condition of fear and despair and financial straits. Yet, while our modern medical system is at a loss of just how to handle these issues God has not left us alone. From the beginning God has provided readily available and inexpensive means for all to have a healthy joyous life.

 God’s ways and promises are sure...

"I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth." Jer 33:6