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Detoxification: You Could Use a Good Cleanse

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Today just by living on earth we are exposed to over 30,000 new chemicals on a yearly basis.  Every day we are exposed to these dangerous toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the things we put on our skin.

Lotions, hair products, perfumes, makeup, air fresheners, cigarette smoke, medications, pesticides, alcohol, dental fillings, paint, animal products, new furniture/carpet and many things we encounter daily  contain chemicals which over time build up in our body.

Today research has shown many diseases are exacerbated or caused directly by toxin build up in our systems. Toxin build up wears our body down, overworks the liver, and creates free radicals and disease.  

In order to obtain optimal health we need excellent blood circulation, a well working immune system, and all of our organs working harmoniously together.  Cleansing our body of these dangerous toxins will help our body to eliminate disease and work at its optimal level.